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A Life Celebration

  • A Life Celebration is a Remembrance Gathering to celebrate the life of the deceased with happy stories, funny stories, proud stories, and achievements as told by family and friends young and old.

    The base cost of a Life Celebration is $850.00.  Food and drinks (with or without alcohol) can be served at an additional cost.  This eliminates the need to come back to someone’s house after a church service, burial or cremation.

    It is our belief that the deceased is in a better place and if we rejoice and celebrate their life we not only will have better closure, but memories to last a lifetime.

    To hear an old friend tell how the deceased fell out of the boat catching that big fish.  A young girl tell how she makes the best cherry pie because Aunt Mary taught her how to bake.  A little boy tells about Grandpa giving him $.25 every time he came to visit and how he plans to put $.25 on Grandpa’s grave.  There are 1,000,000 stories about the loved one and they are all priceless.

    What better way to remember the deceased than with pictures and photos from 5 television screens showing good and happy times.


    We highly recommend the use of a church and clergy whenever possible.  A Life Celebration may be before or after a church service, burial, or cremation.  A Touch of Elegance offers a warm, friendly atmosphere.  Each Remembrance is personalized to meet your needs.  We are conveniently located 8 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.

    Church, burial, or cremation services are available by an Ohio licensed funeral home through A Touch of Elegance at a reduced rate. A Life Celebration is normally half the cost of a funeral viewing.

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